Christmas Eve 2023

Sunday December 24 at 2:00, 3:15, 4:30 & 5:45

Join us on Christmas Eve for our annual Candlelight Christmas Eve service. We'll have 4 services which will all be identical- only difference will be the crowd at each service. Each service will be approximately 45 minutes. We'll sing and read through the Nativity story and Pastor Ed will give a (very) short message just prior to celebrating communion together on this holiest of nights. We'll watch a short video of what the first Christmas might have been like and then we'll light our candles together while singing Silent Night to dispel some of the darkness from our Alaskan winter nights.

There will be no kids classes (although the toddler room will be open if you'd prefer to drop off your younger children during the service) but never fear- Pastor Ed's  lesson will be less than 5 minutes so the kids shouldn't get too restless.

If you know of someone that doesn't have any place to be this Christmas Eve please invite them to join you at whichever service you're planning on attending. Christmas Eve is one of two days out of the year that people who would never dream of stepping one foot inside a church might actually consider coming.  

And heads up- there will be no Saturday evening services on December 23 nor will there be any morning services on December 24th- we'll be putting all of our energy into the candlelight services on Christmas weekend.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Riverside Community Church and never forget- Jesus is awesome!