The Month Of march w/ mark

Want to read through the gospel of Mark in a month? It only takes about 5 minutes a day and when April arrives you will know Jesus better than you do today. Here’s how:
1. Download the Riverside App from your preferred App Store.
2. Create your personal profile on the Riverside App.
3. Once account is created then tap Bible > Plan > Todays Date  (your “This Week” tab will look different
  than this because it changes daily). 

* on days where you watch a video rather than read a passage of scripture (March 1, 15 & 21) tapping the button under "Reading Plan" won't do anything- you've got to go to Media to watch the videos (but never fear we'll show you how in step #5!)
4. Read (or listen to) the daily passage. 
5. On 1st, 15th and 21st Watch Video In The Media Tab Under Mark Videos
6. Discuss your thoughts, ask questions, then discuss some more in the “Month Of March With Mark” messaging group. 
Make sure you’re logged in to the Riverside App. Then:  Message Bubbles (upper right corner) > Month Of March  With Mark > Start sharing.
7. Get to know Jesus better and better every day.